Sunrise Home

Our childrens home, the „Sunrise Home of Kampala“ is located in one of the suburbs of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. 21 girls are staying with us and with this number our house is completely full. Regularly we get requests to take new girls. These we have to reject at the moment. When the number of sponsors increases and there are sufficient financial ressources, the building of an own big house is planned, the opening of a school for sewing as well as the enlargement of our dancing group. Three Ugandan employees, who live in the home, take care for our girls round the clock and give them a new secure home. The kids are visiting a primary school nearby. We seek to impart different skills to the children and to promote them according to their talents, as we do right now with our dance group. The objective is that the children later learn a profession and are able to look after themselves. Until then we will care for them.

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