At this point a very warm thank you to all, who support our projects in so various and generous ways, whether through direct financial help, charity concerts, fund-raising campaigns at events and make our work public. Here a list of some of our sponsors, whithout whose support many things have not been possible up to now – Webale nnyo!

Wind section of Obermenzinger Gymnasium Advent concert at the christmas market
Viviana-Zarah Baudis Charity concert at Steinway-Haus Munich
Union Investment Service Bank AG Winnings of an internal football match
Rotary Club München-Mitte Christmas donation 2014 – this generously donation enables us the purchase of our land
Alutronic Kühlkörper GmbH & Co KG Through support of alutronic GmbH we are able to finance our dance project “African Dream Troupe”  and give the children the possibility to develop in a professional way
rm Christmas donation 2012 – with this generously donation we could buy our 10.000l tank, a water filter and could do many necessary purchases for the house
Gasteig München GmbH “Christmas forest” 2012 and 2013 – these big donations secure the financing for education for a year as well as some purchases
Kalle GmbH Wiesbaden 5.000 sponges, which we can sell for our home
Pfadfinderschaft St. Georg,
Stamm Kohlscheid I
Earings of the christmas market
dm Druckmedien GmbH München Printing of our „Empologoma e.V.“ folder
Charity concert October 2012
Color offset München Graphic of our „Empologoma e.V.“ folder
Heinrich Klug,,
Mitglieder der  Münchner Philharmoniker
Charity concert December 2012 and Dezember 2014
Erwin-Lesch-Schule Unterhaching