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Uganda, lying in the eastern center of Africa and directly at the equator, got the nickname „Pearl of Africa“ by Winston Churchill – a name, which promises manifoldy and unique beauty of nature.

The countries around lake Victoria and the whole region between Sahara and the southern part of Africa belong to the poorest regions and at the same time the ones with the highest birth rates regions of the world. Every second Ugandan today is younger than 15 years. There are more than two millions of orphans.

For many children in Uganda this means no promising views for future, less hope for a good education and sufficient medical care. Many avoidable illnesses are caused by malnutrition, contaminated drinking water and unhygienic life conditions. This includes malaria, worm diseases as well as diarrhoea and respiratory infections.

Nearly all children are sent to school. But class rooms, eduction materials and qualified teachers are missing. Often the school takes place outside. Furthermore the official free of charge primary schools charge school fees. If those fees cannot be payed, the children are sent home.

Help us making a secure home possible to some of those children, so that their rights, defined by UNICEF in the convention in the rights of the child, can be exercised.