Financial support

There are various possibilities of supporting the work of the association and thus the children in Uganda. Either you want to give a regular donation for the children in general or a single donation, possibly for a specific area, or a sponsorship for one of the children. We need your support for our house in general, the salary of our employees, food, medical care, school, expenses for school trips, talent support, our dancing group, the establishment of a school for sewing, building of an own house on own property, unexpectable special expenses, reserves for contingencies, projects – the list is endless.

You have the choice! A short listing of the different possibilities you find here.

As a non-profit recognized association, donations and contributions are tax-deductible. Donations up to 200 € can be entered at the finance department without a donation receipt only with the deposit slip of the transfer. If your donation is above 200 €, you will get a donation receipt automatically by email or post. On request, naturally we send the receipt also for donation under 200 €.