The beginning

The association “Empologoma e.V.” and the belonging projects have their origin in the volunteering year of Viola Sistemich. Within the framework of the “weltwärts” program she started working in a school in one of the slum areas of Kampala in September 2010. Viola founded a school-sponsoring project to give some of the children the possibility of education.

During our first visit in 2011 we met some of those children and got to know their living conditions. After some more stays and the wish to do some sustainable work, we founded the association in spring 2012. After collecting the first donations and the decision to establish a home for girls, we together looked for a suitable house and started with our first six girls in September 2012.

After this good start we are glad and grateful that we could make considerable progress with our projects, due to the great support of all our sponsors. And especially we are thankful for Violas work, because this was the reason to start our projects to help some of the children in Uganda.