the house construction has started – our Sunrise Family will get their own house – you can follow up the development in the gallery.

Girls 2016

The association „Empologoma e.V.“ stands up for the support of orphans and vulnerable kids in Uganda.

The word „Empologoma“ derives from the language „Luganda“, which is spoken in central Uganda and means „lion“. With our home in Kampala we are helping some of those children to grow up in secure surroundings, visit school regularly and get medical treatment.

Through this they get the chance to develop into self-confident and independent personalities and to be able to care for themselves later. Education is the most important means for the future – so our projects develop in different directions.

We are urgently looking for sponsors for the home and the projects related to this: building our own house, establishing a school for sewing and a center for our „Arfrican Dream Troupe“. To support more kids, we need sufficient fundings.

Your help reaches our children directly – thanks a lot – Webale nnyo!!